Short Term Car Storage

Short Term Car Storage London

If you are looking for short term, secure car storage, in Central London, whilst you jet away for work or undertake a home refurbishment project that requires having your driveway back (!), then our car storage facility in Wandsworth, is perfectly placed to accommodate your needs.

At Central London Car Storage, our contracts have been devised with flexibility in mind (we are aware that despite the preconception, not all storage, whether it be car, or self storage, has to be long term) and as such, have devised short term agreements that operate on the below basis:

  • One month rolling contract
  • One month’s storage deposit
  • One month’s notice of vacation.

Our Short-term car storage in London as well as being flexible is safe, secure and competitively priced.

If you would like to find out more about whether our car storage might suit your short-term car storage needs then please get in touch.

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What Our Customers Say

Pretty faultless. The place is kept cleaner than my house! V secure roller door entry and all the facilities you need; charging, bigger bays for the bigger cars, humid control tents, car valet etc etc. Katie’s great, very responsive. Pricing is good for SW London.

Bill Tomlin

I have been using this facility for about 6 months to store my race car. I am only now leaving the facility as we are moving from London. This has been a superior storage solution, with very professional and courteous staff. I would fully recommend the facility to others looking to safely store their cars.

James Clark

I had my Porsche 911 GTS stored here for close to two years. The quality of the storage, the facilities on offer such as car washing and cleaning space, 24/7 manned security, secure entry and the day to day operations were excellent. The management and staff were equally professional and courteous. I have shipped my car to Australia so my spot might still be available if it has not gone already! I highly recommend this company.

Dharshan Nanayakkara

Just a fantastic, secure and great value service – if you have a car and need expert controlled, secure parking in central/south London this is definitely the place to come….

Steve Tucker

Conveniently located, safe and secure facilities for car collectors. Highly recommend!

Len Bunting

Convenient, clean and well managed – this is a fantastic storage space for any car that needs immaculate storage in West London.

Phil Howard